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by Lt.Crackers on Apr 21, 2016 at 01:59 PM
Trade mission to Tiber

Well I spent the last 10 years bombing this place to hell and now I'm right back on Tiber I. I'm currently waiting to sell a stolen patrol-ship to a band of Vanduul scum. But whatcha gonna do, they pay full price for a slightly used UEE ship and that's money you can't just pass up. I can't believe I actually found a guy with the balls to actually fly a UEE ship directly into vanduul territory. It sucks for this guy though because he brought an entire crew for security incase the got jumped. He didn't believe me that I had close connections with these small group of vanduul pirates. Since the captain and I split the take 50-50, I'm going to be showered with sweet sweet credit, while he pays his entire crew. He'll be pissed when he finds out how easy of a job this is going to be.

Anyway, I've been waiting for about 2 days now and I'm stating to go crazy with this group of assholes. None of them have ever seen a heavily modified 'borg before. This young kid in the turret above mine is yelling 01 00 11 the entire fucking flight here. I wanted to pull him out of his turret and gouge his god damn eyes out with my titanium fingers. Luckily I convinced him to stop after he got out of the turret to catch some sleep. Let's just say he slipped getting out of the shower. It was definitely more satisfying when I could actually feel my body shake when I hit someone, now, its just the cold hard efficiency of featherweight titanium and plastics. Maybe one day I'll transition my entire head to if anyone tries to throw a punch they'll just break their fists.

Oh god, I can't keep this up. I'll see you in 2 days at the most. I should meet these guys in the next couple of hours. They already sent a scout to check out or ship, so it should be any minute now. After I'm back planetside, I'm heading straight to Arnold's place to get my right eye checked. The color seems to be a little off, and the incision is not completely healed yet, it's starting to itch, that's not a good sign.

_Cmdr Corndog_

P.S. Have a blast on your trip. We will probably see each other at grandmas.
by Lt.Crackers on Jan 31, 2016 at 06:40 AM
Journal for Captain Stephen B. Allamus.

Entry 8:

I need to start writing some of my thoughts down before I forget them. This data pad I found is pretty cool. Captain Allamus appears to be an important guy from the looks of it. His journal entries make this guys seem like a total bad ass, until he was killed by the Vanduul. Well if I happen to die and someone reads this journal, read entry #3 from Capt. Allamus. He said there is a small UEE radar installation that was being retrofitted with the newest radar technology. The installation was still under construction that last time Capt. Allamus mentioned it. He said there was usually a couple of Auroras kept there to transport the work crew and equipment back and forth from main military base. I am hoping one of those Auroras would still be there so I can get off of this hell hole. I don't really even know how to fly, I have a few time when I was younger with my dad on his lap.. but I've never taken off or landed before.. I will do anything to get off this planet though. After the Vanduul came in and defeated the UEE we were all screwed. I can't believe the UEE would abandon its own people and not evacuate us. They knew the Vanduul were coming, and they never warned us. Well I've cried to much over this. I need to stop thinking about it, I just need to get off of here. On the map it looks like I have about 2 or 3 more weeks of walking and I will finally reach the radar installation. Food seems to be okay. I can hunt and forage, my trusty assault rifle is working just fine. I was lucky to find this data pad, rifle and supplies from the downed UEE ship. It's been a little over a week since a saw a Vanduul patrol flying around. I'm getting far enough away from the city that I shouldn't see any more patrol ships. There is no point for them to fly out here so far unless they are looking for something specific. Hopefully they don't know about the Radar installation. Capt. Allamus said in his entry that the power has been shut off for a while since they are installing new cables. Which means that the radar station will be blacked out and not broadcasting. It should be hidden from any Vanduul scans. If they fly over it though, I think a giant Satellite dish that doesn't show up on a scan map, might look a little suspicious. Well, its really the only hope I have, so...... I have no idea what to do if there isn't a ship there that I can use to out of here with. It's too dangerous to go back to the city and try to signal for help. Stealing a Vanduul ship is suicide. I might as well just go out blazing with my assault rifle...take out a few of those scum to get revenge for them killing my father and brother.
by Lt.Crackers on Jan 31, 2016 at 06:10 AM

Hello Brother, I hope all is well. Please tell mom I am fine. I know she was worried when I told her I was out adventuring again. Well I guess I am in a little bit of a fucked up situation, but everything should turn out fine. I am kind of stuck in XIS.... Well not technically stuck. I can get off whenever I want, but it turns out the real job wasn't smuggling weapons to XIS, the real job is smuggling shit off of XIS. I had no idea the UEE controlled the imports and exports so strictly on this shit planet. After I arrived with the shipment of weapons I though it would be as simple as delivering the goods getting paid, and getting the hell out of here. Well I ran into a UEE freighter who tagged my ship as being non-compliant. I wasn't about to let them stop me and inspect my cargo. So now I'm basically stuck in the jungle with a hot ship. On top of that, my contact said the entire reason they sent me here was to pick up cargo from XIS. The weapons shipment was a minor task just to arm their small forces on the planet to protect their extraction operation. The real job is going to be smuggling an entire ship full of highly potent extracts which are prime ingredients for drug making. Supposedly you can only find this certain extract on XIS and it can be combined with...ummm whatever-the-fuck drug, and it make it 10x more powerful and 10x more expensive. Whatever, I couldn't care less about the drugs. I just care about living at this point. There is no way I can smuggle some of the rarest most expensive drug making ingredients off this planet on a hot ship. I either need to find some stolen tags I can buy to hide my identity, or I need to find another ship. To be honest it might just be easier to steal another ship and try to leave this place. But, I think the guys I am involved with are no joke. They seem to be apart of a large drug ring, so crossing them would also be bad. Death by drug lords or life time in jail by the UEE. Ahh the question of century. Well I love my ship, so I think buying fake registration is going to be my best option. Next time I go into the city with my boss and his crew I will look into buying a fake registration. I guess I should just look on the positive side, they payout is going to be sweet. This shit is worth so much money on the black market I won't need to worry about do another job with these shits again. I'll come home visit you and mom and then hopefully open my own shop in the city and start taking it easy.

Any way, I need to go. I have to figure this shit out, I kind of like this whole living and freedom thing...

You will hear from me soon and hopefully not a message saying I am in jail somewhere.... Talk to you soon.

by Lt.Crackers on Jan 31, 2016 at 05:39 AM
Journal Entry log::::
Password: *************





Well today is the big day... I get my new ID and we can finally leave Selene. This damn ID cost me more than I care to admit, but I guess it's the price you have to pay to start making real money around here as a licensed doctor. I probably had to do 20 cut and chop jobs to be able to finally afford this ID, so it better be worth it. By cabin mate Rebekah also got her new ID, but she only had to pay half of what I had to pay. I guess it's easier to find a dead woman merc than a doctor. I can't say I'm really too upset, having a full doctors license now means I can do more than simple revives and cut and chop jobs on this stupid pirate hospital. After a few more job I can rent my own hospital ship and actually do a job that I am a little more morally okay with. I just want to rescue people and save lives. But... I have to continue on with these pirates for a little longer to get the cash so I can start my own enterprise. My boss said that after everyone got their ID's in that they have a sweet gig lined up. A large scrapping operation is about to clean up after a large battle between the UEE and the Vanduul on Aremis. We will tag alone as the undercover hospital ship, and our escort ships will provide the security for the mission. After the salvage operation is underway a group of 'Pirates' will appear out of no where. Since we are providing the protection for this adventure, the security ships will be conveniently dispatched to deal with the threat. After a staged dog fight, the pirate will incapacitate the security ship. The pirates steal the salvage ship and the salvage. Then all the misplaced crew come on-board the Endeavor. This is where the plan gets too evil for my liking. My boss said we would then Jump the Virgil 1 and seek refuge there, only to be met by a group of slavers. After we deliver the salvage crew to the slavers, we would be rich. Our individual cut would be enough to do anything we wanted after that. I think this stuff is getting to scary and it will be the last score I do with this crew. These guys are ruthless. Anyway, I hope it all works our according to plan. I bought myself a hand gun just in case I need to defend myself. It will be a pretty tense time on the ship after the pirate attach us. We have to try to convince the salvage crew we are hostages too and not wolves in sheep's clothes. If they suspect anything fishy is going on they could easily hijack the Endeavor. I am also a little worried about the inspection before we even leave to join up with the salvage crew. Since the salvagers were hired by the UEE, the UEE wants to provide insurance that the security force for the mission is properly vetted and up to the task. My boss ensured me that the ID cards will take care of all this. They were an expensive investment for the entire crew, but this one job will pay for all the ID's and then some. If the UEE discover an entire crew is using fake ID's, not only are the guys I'm with screwed, but they will lock me away too. I need to study my new character, Melony from Angeli. I wonder what she was like. She looks similar to me, albeit a little older looking than me, shorter, and I don't have naturally curly dark brown hair, just regular old plain straight hair. I guess that should be the least of my worries. I am no where near qualified enough to be a fully licensed doctor, but I guess I've had enough "On the Job training". I'm pretty good a removing body parts and sticking on a few modification. I can save a life easy enough. I guess that's all that really matters anyway.
by Lt.Crackers on Oct 18, 2015 at 04:58 PM
Well it sure has turned quiet around here. Most of the people around town have left or are planning on leaving due to the Vanduul attacks on Aremis. But to be honest, this has been the best thing to happen for my dad's business. We are selling more weapons than ever before, and our workshop is constantly filled with damaged ships who were ambushed by Vanduul fighters. The toughest thing has been convincing people to not flee after we repair their ships, and we have even been trying to give discounts on frequent missile purchases. Hopefully that will be enough to keep them around. I've been talking with a few pilots who work as escorts to freighter resupplying the UEE front-line, and they think we are crazy to stay here, but at the same time glad they have us to repair their ships. It's not the first time the Vanduul have attack Vega and I just think everyone is over reacting, I can't see the UEE being defeated here. I did meet a nice girl from Rytif the other day, her name is Yulia. She's a nurse on-board an Endeavor Hope and has been stuck here while her escort ships are getting repairs. She told me they have been mainly staying out of the fighting and doing search and rescue for resupply freighters coming under attack. She mentioned they were making good money on reviving pilots and then selling them body mods and then asked if I was interested in a mod. That caught me off guard, but thinking back on it that might be something I could get into. I've always been curious about having a bionic arm or eyes, or something crazy like that. But I turned her down, I just had a strange feeling about the whole thing, and being a little strapped for credits was mainly why I turned her down though. Tomorrow is her last day here, maybe I'll grow a pair and ask her if we can meet up sometime if she is ever back on Selene, or Maybe I can visit her on Rytif. Anyway, I would need some extra credits to upgrade my ship since I spend it all on Neon and Stims. If I want to leave Selene to visit her, I really should upgrade my ship in case I meet some Vanduul. My flying skills aren't the greatest so I should at least have a strong and fast ship so I don't get ghosted. Since my dad owns the shop and my ship is mediocre at best, I guess that's little embarrassing. So I'll plan to get an easy escort jobs on my off time, make some credits, upgrade my ship, party on the side, and visit Rytif. I think that's a good plan for this week.

by Lt.Crackers on Oct 06, 2015 at 12:26 PM
The sea was black, more black than I have ever seen it before. The waters were still and a warm breeze crept by with the faint smell of sunset. The sand between my toes was slightly damp, but I was pleasantly snug with a towel wrapped around my legs. Looking out towards where the horizon would be during the day. I noticed a faint, distant glimmer. At first the only noise was of the insects around me, and a slight rustling of leave from the dune grass up the beach. The light slowly began to grow. Then their was a high pitched whirling noise but only faintly. The light and the sound grew slowly. It was a ship I though at first, but it wasn't on the sea. The ball of light was clearly heading in my direction. The blackness of the sea reflected the light of the ship slightly and looked as if there were two ships. The light came closer, the Whirl became more of an industrial sound of large a machine at a distance and was clearly an engine, but one I had never heard before. The ship was flying pretty close to the water, only a few hundred meters or so. It was odd to see a ship fly this low here because of the restricted fly zone of the UEE installation close by, so it must be one of their ships. That was my though initially until it was almost overhead and the lights went dark, and the engines slowed. I could make out the glow of the two main thrusters and stabilizers, they were in a configuration I had never seen before on a UEE ship. Being so young, I figured it was either an older ship or possibly a new model. I was a bit nervous but excited I was possibly seeing a new test ship that I could tell my friends of back home. Then I saw a rear facing bay door open and heard that distinctive sound. A sound you don't often get to hear in the atmospheric conditions of a planet. It was the sound of a Scythe engine. My apprehensive excitement turned into a slight flustered panic. Scrambling to put on my shirt. I immediately got up and started to run back to my barracks. Not even thinking twice about where I was running without my sandals, I went straight through the razor sharp dune grass, but because of the adrenaline I hardly noticed anything. While sprinting, I kept an eye on the ship as long a I could before it blended in with the night sky. I knew if I didn't make it back to the barracks in time we wouldn't be able to warn the guys at the Outpost installation before all hell broke loose.

Personal Journal log: Chief Perry Officer: Fry J. Rott

Date: Confidential..

Location: Confidential..

Audio to Text Log ended:....... Sending to Contact 1: Mom, Contact 2: Dad, Contact 3: Melony

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