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Lore Journal Entry 1: Vanduul Attack on Vega

by Lt.Crackers on Oct 06, 2015 at 12:26 PM}
The sea was black, more black than I have ever seen it before. The waters were still and a warm breeze crept by with the faint smell of sunset. The sand between my toes was slightly damp, but I was pleasantly snug with a towel wrapped around my legs. Looking out towards where the horizon would be during the day. I noticed a faint, distant glimmer. At first the only noise was of the insects around me, and a slight rustling of leave from the dune grass up the beach. The light slowly began to grow. Then their was a high pitched whirling noise but only faintly. The light and the sound grew slowly. It was a ship I though at first, but it wasn't on the sea. The ball of light was clearly heading in my direction. The blackness of the sea reflected the light of the ship slightly and looked as if there were two ships. The light came closer, the Whirl became more of an industrial sound of large a machine at a distance and was clearly an engine, but one I had never heard before. The ship was flying pretty close to the water, only a few hundred meters or so. It was odd to see a ship fly this low here because of the restricted fly zone of the UEE installation close by, so it must be one of their ships. That was my though initially until it was almost overhead and the lights went dark, and the engines slowed. I could make out the glow of the two main thrusters and stabilizers, they were in a configuration I had never seen before on a UEE ship. Being so young, I figured it was either an older ship or possibly a new model. I was a bit nervous but excited I was possibly seeing a new test ship that I could tell my friends of back home. Then I saw a rear facing bay door open and heard that distinctive sound. A sound you don't often get to hear in the atmospheric conditions of a planet. It was the sound of a Scythe engine. My apprehensive excitement turned into a slight flustered panic. Scrambling to put on my shirt. I immediately got up and started to run back to my barracks. Not even thinking twice about where I was running without my sandals, I went straight through the razor sharp dune grass, but because of the adrenaline I hardly noticed anything. While sprinting, I kept an eye on the ship as long a I could before it blended in with the night sky. I knew if I didn't make it back to the barracks in time we wouldn't be able to warn the guys at the Outpost installation before all hell broke loose.

Personal Journal log: Chief Perry Officer: Fry J. Rott

Date: Confidential..

Location: Confidential..

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