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Journal Entry 2: Vega System: Selene

by Lt.Crackers on Oct 18, 2015 at 04:58 PM}
Well it sure has turned quiet around here. Most of the people around town have left or are planning on leaving due to the Vanduul attacks on Aremis. But to be honest, this has been the best thing to happen for my dad's business. We are selling more weapons than ever before, and our workshop is constantly filled with damaged ships who were ambushed by Vanduul fighters. The toughest thing has been convincing people to not flee after we repair their ships, and we have even been trying to give discounts on frequent missile purchases. Hopefully that will be enough to keep them around. I've been talking with a few pilots who work as escorts to freighter resupplying the UEE front-line, and they think we are crazy to stay here, but at the same time glad they have us to repair their ships. It's not the first time the Vanduul have attack Vega and I just think everyone is over reacting, I can't see the UEE being defeated here. I did meet a nice girl from Rytif the other day, her name is Yulia. She's a nurse on-board an Endeavor Hope and has been stuck here while her escort ships are getting repairs. She told me they have been mainly staying out of the fighting and doing search and rescue for resupply freighters coming under attack. She mentioned they were making good money on reviving pilots and then selling them body mods and then asked if I was interested in a mod. That caught me off guard, but thinking back on it that might be something I could get into. I've always been curious about having a bionic arm or eyes, or something crazy like that. But I turned her down, I just had a strange feeling about the whole thing, and being a little strapped for credits was mainly why I turned her down though. Tomorrow is her last day here, maybe I'll grow a pair and ask her if we can meet up sometime if she is ever back on Selene, or Maybe I can visit her on Rytif. Anyway, I would need some extra credits to upgrade my ship since I spend it all on Neon and Stims. If I want to leave Selene to visit her, I really should upgrade my ship in case I meet some Vanduul. My flying skills aren't the greatest so I should at least have a strong and fast ship so I don't get ghosted. Since my dad owns the shop and my ship is mediocre at best, I guess that's little embarrassing. So I'll plan to get an easy escort jobs on my off time, make some credits, upgrade my ship, party on the side, and visit Rytif. I think that's a good plan for this week.



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