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Journel Entry 3: The Girl from Angeli

by Lt.Crackers on Jan 31, 2016 at 05:39 AM}
Journal Entry log::::
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Well today is the big day... I get my new ID and we can finally leave Selene. This damn ID cost me more than I care to admit, but I guess it's the price you have to pay to start making real money around here as a licensed doctor. I probably had to do 20 cut and chop jobs to be able to finally afford this ID, so it better be worth it. By cabin mate Rebekah also got her new ID, but she only had to pay half of what I had to pay. I guess it's easier to find a dead woman merc than a doctor. I can't say I'm really too upset, having a full doctors license now means I can do more than simple revives and cut and chop jobs on this stupid pirate hospital. After a few more job I can rent my own hospital ship and actually do a job that I am a little more morally okay with. I just want to rescue people and save lives. But... I have to continue on with these pirates for a little longer to get the cash so I can start my own enterprise. My boss said that after everyone got their ID's in that they have a sweet gig lined up. A large scrapping operation is about to clean up after a large battle between the UEE and the Vanduul on Aremis. We will tag alone as the undercover hospital ship, and our escort ships will provide the security for the mission. After the salvage operation is underway a group of 'Pirates' will appear out of no where. Since we are providing the protection for this adventure, the security ships will be conveniently dispatched to deal with the threat. After a staged dog fight, the pirate will incapacitate the security ship. The pirates steal the salvage ship and the salvage. Then all the misplaced crew come on-board the Endeavor. This is where the plan gets too evil for my liking. My boss said we would then Jump the Virgil 1 and seek refuge there, only to be met by a group of slavers. After we deliver the salvage crew to the slavers, we would be rich. Our individual cut would be enough to do anything we wanted after that. I think this stuff is getting to scary and it will be the last score I do with this crew. These guys are ruthless. Anyway, I hope it all works our according to plan. I bought myself a hand gun just in case I need to defend myself. It will be a pretty tense time on the ship after the pirate attach us. We have to try to convince the salvage crew we are hostages too and not wolves in sheep's clothes. If they suspect anything fishy is going on they could easily hijack the Endeavor. I am also a little worried about the inspection before we even leave to join up with the salvage crew. Since the salvagers were hired by the UEE, the UEE wants to provide insurance that the security force for the mission is properly vetted and up to the task. My boss ensured me that the ID cards will take care of all this. They were an expensive investment for the entire crew, but this one job will pay for all the ID's and then some. If the UEE discover an entire crew is using fake ID's, not only are the guys I'm with screwed, but they will lock me away too. I need to study my new character, Melony from Angeli. I wonder what she was like. She looks similar to me, albeit a little older looking than me, shorter, and I don't have naturally curly dark brown hair, just regular old plain straight hair. I guess that should be the least of my worries. I am no where near qualified enough to be a fully licensed doctor, but I guess I've had enough "On the Job training". I'm pretty good a removing body parts and sticking on a few modification. I can save a life easy enough. I guess that's all that really matters anyway.


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