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Journel Entry 4: Message from XIS

by Lt.Crackers on Jan 31, 2016 at 06:10 AM}

Hello Brother, I hope all is well. Please tell mom I am fine. I know she was worried when I told her I was out adventuring again. Well I guess I am in a little bit of a fucked up situation, but everything should turn out fine. I am kind of stuck in XIS.... Well not technically stuck. I can get off whenever I want, but it turns out the real job wasn't smuggling weapons to XIS, the real job is smuggling shit off of XIS. I had no idea the UEE controlled the imports and exports so strictly on this shit planet. After I arrived with the shipment of weapons I though it would be as simple as delivering the goods getting paid, and getting the hell out of here. Well I ran into a UEE freighter who tagged my ship as being non-compliant. I wasn't about to let them stop me and inspect my cargo. So now I'm basically stuck in the jungle with a hot ship. On top of that, my contact said the entire reason they sent me here was to pick up cargo from XIS. The weapons shipment was a minor task just to arm their small forces on the planet to protect their extraction operation. The real job is going to be smuggling an entire ship full of highly potent extracts which are prime ingredients for drug making. Supposedly you can only find this certain extract on XIS and it can be combined with...ummm whatever-the-fuck drug, and it make it 10x more powerful and 10x more expensive. Whatever, I couldn't care less about the drugs. I just care about living at this point. There is no way I can smuggle some of the rarest most expensive drug making ingredients off this planet on a hot ship. I either need to find some stolen tags I can buy to hide my identity, or I need to find another ship. To be honest it might just be easier to steal another ship and try to leave this place. But, I think the guys I am involved with are no joke. They seem to be apart of a large drug ring, so crossing them would also be bad. Death by drug lords or life time in jail by the UEE. Ahh the question of century. Well I love my ship, so I think buying fake registration is going to be my best option. Next time I go into the city with my boss and his crew I will look into buying a fake registration. I guess I should just look on the positive side, they payout is going to be sweet. This shit is worth so much money on the black market I won't need to worry about do another job with these shits again. I'll come home visit you and mom and then hopefully open my own shop in the city and start taking it easy.

Any way, I need to go. I have to figure this shit out, I kind of like this whole living and freedom thing...

You will hear from me soon and hopefully not a message saying I am in jail somewhere.... Talk to you soon.



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