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Journel Entry 5: The boy from Virgil

by Lt.Crackers on Jan 31, 2016 at 06:40 AM}
Journal for Captain Stephen B. Allamus.

Entry 8:

I need to start writing some of my thoughts down before I forget them. This data pad I found is pretty cool. Captain Allamus appears to be an important guy from the looks of it. His journal entries make this guys seem like a total bad ass, until he was killed by the Vanduul. Well if I happen to die and someone reads this journal, read entry #3 from Capt. Allamus. He said there is a small UEE radar installation that was being retrofitted with the newest radar technology. The installation was still under construction that last time Capt. Allamus mentioned it. He said there was usually a couple of Auroras kept there to transport the work crew and equipment back and forth from main military base. I am hoping one of those Auroras would still be there so I can get off of this hell hole. I don't really even know how to fly, I have a few time when I was younger with my dad on his lap.. but I've never taken off or landed before.. I will do anything to get off this planet though. After the Vanduul came in and defeated the UEE we were all screwed. I can't believe the UEE would abandon its own people and not evacuate us. They knew the Vanduul were coming, and they never warned us. Well I've cried to much over this. I need to stop thinking about it, I just need to get off of here. On the map it looks like I have about 2 or 3 more weeks of walking and I will finally reach the radar installation. Food seems to be okay. I can hunt and forage, my trusty assault rifle is working just fine. I was lucky to find this data pad, rifle and supplies from the downed UEE ship. It's been a little over a week since a saw a Vanduul patrol flying around. I'm getting far enough away from the city that I shouldn't see any more patrol ships. There is no point for them to fly out here so far unless they are looking for something specific. Hopefully they don't know about the Radar installation. Capt. Allamus said in his entry that the power has been shut off for a while since they are installing new cables. Which means that the radar station will be blacked out and not broadcasting. It should be hidden from any Vanduul scans. If they fly over it though, I think a giant Satellite dish that doesn't show up on a scan map, might look a little suspicious. Well, its really the only hope I have, so...... I have no idea what to do if there isn't a ship there that I can use to out of here with. It's too dangerous to go back to the city and try to signal for help. Stealing a Vanduul ship is suicide. I might as well just go out blazing with my assault rifle...take out a few of those scum to get revenge for them killing my father and brother.


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