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What we learned at citizen con. Live Updates!

Lt.Crackers / Oct 10, 2015
I will be posting what we learn at citizen con, live as it happens!

Replay of the Stream

Sc Alpha 1.3,
Behring Ballistic Cannon s4
Apocalypse Arms Mass Driver s2 (long distance sniping)
Additional Emotes (social Module)
Character Loadout Selector in hangar
ArcCorp Additions and improvements
Improved Elevator Interface
Improve char/ AR

Functional Buggies
Functional Respawn (if you kill yourself in the buggie)
Multiplayer Acr Copr V2 ( increased player per instance)
Updated hangar lighting
improved dead-reckoning,
map specific loading screen
updated arcCorp screen videos
animating clouds.

Beginning of the PU, SC alpha 2.0

-Space flight
-EVA zero Grav
-38 missions
-PVP and PVE

Large world tech, playable ares of one million KM sq and 200k km high.
200 quadrillion SQ KM

Multi crew tech: local Grids in ship interior enable dynamic game play based on real physics, and grav systems
(no multi crew in area commander)

zone streaming system, seamless game play over huge ares with no loading screens,

Planet Crusader (starting location Sc Alpha 2.0) planet in Stanton (spelling?), Home of Crusader industries, massive gas giant = to jupiter, 3 year moons, Cellin, Yela, Daymar. Only a portion will initially be available.

Port Olisar a large transit hub, where you being your adventure. (where you will start)

Security Post Kareah, an unused security station that is now hotly contested, "data mine". The FPS combat area.

Covalex shipping hub, a logistic station, that is recently suffer catastrophic accident and is not a derelict ghost station. (items, clues, data logs, for missions can be found here.

8 offline communication Arrays, Pirates are turning them off, and by turning them back on will open up destinations and unlock new missions.

Several 'offline' comm arrays, that were supposed to provide coverage for this region of space, Pirate activity is suspected,

Numerous research satellites that Imperial Cartography center uses to look for new 'jump points'

Cry-astro service platforms that will allow players to re-arm refuel and repair

IFCS Changes, (intelligent flight control system)

4 modes:

Precision Maneuvering
For controlled movement, precision mode lowers you max velocity to allow for max control, Primarily used to take-off and landing, ideal for precarious navigation such as mining, salvage, or repair.

SCM (space combat maneuvering) Arena Commander mode
aka standard flight, scm is tuned for optimal operational control. Flight system dynamically determines max speed based on installed thrusters and factors such as ship's mass, damage and other temporary thrust-impacting events.

Super Cruise
An intermediate step between SCM and Quantum, travel. Cruise speed allows the ship to sly at much higher speeds but limits maneuvering to controlled tunes only. This mode is perfect for crossing wide open space where there's little chance of needing to turn quickly.

Quantum Travel
The max speed you ship can travel. Quantum travel is capable of reaching speeds up to .2c. Due to the dangers of turning at such speeds, the ship's flight control will remove any maneuverability options, so Quantum Travel is only possible in straight lines. The ship must achieve a minimum velocity before the Quantum Drive can spool up.

Video Port Olisar:

When you spawn on the space station, you can go to the terminal and call up your ships to be on the landing pad. (10 landing pads)

Constellation will be completed with 2.0 launches.

Can get in and out of EVA in any vehicle including single seat fighters.

There will be many small station for refuel, re-arm, and repair.
Drones will come do repairs.

There will be a more involved repair mechanic for npc's and players.
It will cost money(UEC) to re-arm, re-pair, refuel.

There is recoil on energy weapons. There are no friendly indicators on your teammates.

There will be 17 location you travel to in the SC alpha 2.0, including Crusader itself. (which will likely include multiple locations)

(SC Alpha 2.0 will be available "soon")

ARK Starmap, will be a web platform at first.

Holo-tables, mobi glass, nav computer, will have additional navigation and plotting features.

Can bring up planet location, and landing location, can bookmark locations, jump points and routing option are available.

4 Corporation bought the planets in Stanton. Arc Corp, Hersonton, Crusader, and Micro Tech.

Can display population density, Economy(legal+illegal) , crime zones.

About 70-75+ (that I counted) Systems in the Universe

There will be small, medium, and large jump points. (for their respective ships)

Built in system for planning routs, to different planets within systems. Can plan safe, efficient, or fasted route. Can blacklist system to avoid it if it is particularly hostile.

Jump-points point to which system it goes to.

Frost lines and DMARC lines visible on map.

You can go to specific cities, Moscow, Singapore, and New York landing zones.

Starmap is available now online!

Million mile high club, (not available for everyone) Available by end of this year!
-Private lounge area for you and friends,
-enter via any elevator in ArcCorp
-Doorman greets each guest
-socialize in main bar area in sports room
-Dedicated bartender serves drinks and keeps the room polished and pristine
-juke box with expandable music library
-invite Entire Organizations or Individual players to visit
-show off trophies you've earned, and souvenirs you collected in ornate display cases
-two wall size aquariums you can fill with exotic fish, plants, and other decorations that you find or purchase.
-supports up to 25 simultaneous players

Star Citizen HOTAS in design. (saitek)
-This is a suit of devices and can be attached and used separately
-added stability for throttle stand-alone mode
-connection tech developed for the variable set-up concept

Complete set: Joystick with throttle, custom keypad, Display on keyboard.
And Customer full keyboard.

High tech will include OLED screen

Referral program is live:
1 ref= sqadron badges
3 = 15k UEC
5 = Fish Tank 2.0
10= Aurora DX package
25- gold ship model set

Unique referral code in you RSI account

-more info online about referral program

New ship: the Sabre:

Part of Aegis, dedicated dog-fighter to stand up against Hornet,

Focus on Agile and stealthy

-Length: 26m
-Mass 18000kb
-Power Plants: 3x light
-Coolers: 2x light
-Shield Generators: 4x light
-Primary Engine: 2x TR3
-Maneuvering Thrusters: 8x TR2 Omni
-Weapons Hardpoints: 2x S3(nose)
-2x Gimbal S2 or S3's (wing)
-Missile Hardpoints: 6x s2

48 hour miliary ship sale.
-Vangard - Warden
-Super Hornet
-Star Farer Gemini

Armada Pack, will include all these ships inluding Idris-P

$170 for the Sabre

Squadron 42- (update) (missed the opening slide)

Starts in Vega system

Expected Release 2016

Over 10 hours of scenes.

Dynamic conversation and reputation system,
-You aren't serving alongside helmeted bots, they are real people with personalities and story lines on their own.

-you can define your character though your actions and interactions

The Morrow Tour:
Players will serve aboard Idris-class frigate, UEES Stanton.

Squadron 42 website live
-game features,
-character bios
-game footage



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