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Public Test Universe(PTU) & LTI ship news

Lt.Crackers / Oct 15, 2015
First bit of news, LTI:

Right now you can get LTI on any ship that costs over $170.

There are some helpful nuggets of info in this reddit post


Second: PTU 1.3 is live. The picture on this news article shows, how to move your profile to the PTU.

The migration process takes some time, and you should receive an email when completed. It could take 10 minutes or longer, but for me it was only a few seconds.

You'll receive an email with this info:

Please take the following steps to access the PTU Game :

1 - Start your up-to-date Launcher, and log in with your real RSI account.
2 - Go into your Launcher's Settings (the cog at the top), and you should now see the Game Channel list.
3 - In that list, select Public Test Universe and close the settings.
4 - Log out (you should now be on the PTU login screen at the launcher), then log in again with using the following password :

I didn't actually have to do this, I just started the Star Citizen Launcher, went to the Setting (cog wheel) at the top of the launcher. Then selected PTU, under the Star Citizen Logo at the top left corner, and the game started updating.

(33+ GB)


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